Near death hallucinations and then the football game

When I was about 15 I had a seizure.  The seizure started while I was playing a game of Super Street Fighter 2 with a couple of friends.  For me the screen went blank then quickly filled up with green “0”s and “1”s.  Then everything went dark from the edges out and I could feel myself falling over.  The next thing I know I’m in an ambulance and I puke.  Then it goes dark again.  Now I’m dreaming that I’m out side of an apartment I lived in with my Dad when I was 6.  My Dad is there  standing in the glare of the sun.  A blinding sun.  He tosses me one of those large two foot styrofoam airplane gliders from the 80’s.  It slowly floats toward me.  As I reach out to grab it with my right hand some one grabs my shoulder from behind and says “Not yet”.  I wake up, still in the back of the ambulance as  it pulls up to the hospital and I can see my Dad through the back windows.  He beat the ambulance there and was waiting for me.   I pass out again.  This time there are no dreams, I just wake up on a bed in the hospital with electrodes glued to my head.  The doctor is explaining that he can’t find any sign of epilepse but thinks that it probably had to do with the video game and refresh rates or something like that.  After that I went to the High school football game.   I just had what I thought of as a “near death experience” and then went to the game.
Now, here’s the weird part.  According to my friends who called the ambulance, I passed out while playing the game and started to seize.  One of my best friends stuck his finger in my mouth to keep me from swallowing my tounge. Knowing full well that I would bite him, he did it anyway.  I bit him.  Thanks Bryan.  In fact I asked Bryan recently if he could recall what happened that day:

‘Here’s what i recall. We were at Scottish Forher’s (all names have been changed to protect the innocent) playing street fighter. Maybe sophomore or junior year. That i don’t recall. But i was Dalseem and was finally beating you. Apparently that was only because you had rolled backwards in a seizure.

We rolled you off the water bed(ha water bed ) and banged your head on the wall denting the drywall.


Then while i tried to keep you from swallowing your tongue Scottish called 911 or the ambulance because i don’t think Marietta had 911 yet. Anyway i was trying to get your tongue and i think you bit me.

You had calmed down, were a little dazed and very sweaty when the Emts showed up. All in from me beating you to getting in the ambulance was maybe 10 minutes.

We both rode in the ambulance. i got a tetnus shot and you spent the night after we went to the football game. I think your parent’s were going to pittsburgh to see aerosmith or something.

Anyway the ER doctor didn’t find anything in your catscan and as far as i know you never had another seizure.”

 You will notice from his account of the story there was no “passing out” besides the initial seizure.  That’s because, evidently, I was dazed but I walked to the ambulance and was talking with the EMTs and presumably the doctor and my parents while they ran the CAT scan.  To this day I have absolutely no memory of any of that.  In my head the time line goes: seizure, video game dream, puking, Dad airplane dream, Dad’s face through the window, Hospital bed, every thing is ok, go to the high school football game.

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