Calling all Leaders!

     Calling all leaders!  Our country is a state of emergency due to a severe leadership deficiency.  Our Congress is made up of two groups of people, lawyers and business people.  Is it any wonder that all of our laws are written in “lawyerese” with loopholes that benefit business people  These two groups of people are not representative of who we are as a nation.  We need to fill Congress with teachers, engineers, scientists, farmers, truck drivers and anyone else of high moral character willing to sacrifice an easy life in the wealthiest free nation in the world, for the sake of our Country. What we don’t need are more career politicians.

     If you feel like your politicians are deaf to the problems we are facing as a nation, then I implore you to run for office.  Check out what’s going on in your city council, see what congressional seats are going to be open in the 2018  and 2020 elections.  Many of these politicians run unopposed.  We must give them opposition.  

     Democracy only works if the government is afraid of the people, afraid that if they don’t legislate in ways that reflect the ideals of this nation, then we will toss them aside for folks who will.  We must take our country back from the political machine and its agenda.  If we still believe in “The Great American Experiment”, that the people can run a country without the need of a king, then we,The People, must take our country back from the politicians.  It’s up to us to show the politicians how to lead since they seem unwilling or ignorant on how to do so.

If you feel that you can’t take a leadership role, for whatever reason, you can still an integral part of this movement.  VOTE!  Educate yourself on the people seeking office Question their motives.  Go to rally’s and debates where you can hear them with your own ears and look them in the eye face to face.  Find a leader that represents you.  Then… fucking VOTE!


     “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

Thomas Jefferson


     Just to make this clear, I don’t care whether you consider yourself a conservative or a liberal, we need inspirational leaders willing to work for this country and not a political party.  Leaders, like J.F.K., who INSPIRED us to reach the moon.  Leaders, like M.L.K. Jr., who showed us that peaceful protest DOES work if you are persistent.  Hell, leaders, like John Lennon, who suggested that we just give peace a CHANCE.  Then we, the people, need to elect these leaders (instead of assassinating them) and then, and this is important, we need to hold them accountable.  “All politicians lie.” is not a statement with which we should be okay.  Politicians who willingly lie to the country need to be publicly shamed.  We can not accept this “new normal” and expect for our country to survive.  



 Please send help.



     Now for the elephant in the room.  I think Trump’s “win” shows that folks are already picking up what I’m laying down.  While Trump isn’t a career politician he most certainly is a businessman, maybe an extremely inept businessman, which for some reason, folks don’t seem to care about nearly as much as they do the perception that he is a good businessman, that is just his branding.  That’s the one business that has consistently made him money, selling his name to other construction developers to use.  He bankrupted three casinos! How do you do that?  I personally doubt that he is even a billionaire. I think that’s the real reason he won’t release his taxes, we will see him for he really is.

     He is a snake oil salesman who ran the election like a reality show and we watched.  He intentionally lied at every corner, about every opponent and we continued to listen. He encouraged people to fear…other countries, other religions, other people, other Americans and all of the media… and we did. He literally promised  “everything you want” , and said that he was the only man who could do it but when pressed for how he was going to “do it”, he offered us only magic beans….and we bought them. We as voters need to take responsibility for educating ourselves on the candidates and we need to vote with our moral values not just economics and party affiliation.

     Who we elect as our leaders says who we are as a nation, not to just us, but they are a reflection of who we are to the world. If we, as Americans, can’t trust what our President says because of his blatant disregard for the truth then how can we expect any other nation to trust us. The President is our peoples representative to the rest of the world and I do not believe that Trump represents anyone but himself. He certainly doesn’t represent the America I grew up in, nor the America I see around me now, nor the one I want to leave behind.  We need to elect leaders that not only reflect who we are but who we aspire to be.

We need leaders that inspire us to have courage in the face of fear, not leaders who tell us that our problems are because of “insert racial group of choice” and that we should fear and hate them. This is how demagogues come to power (the bad type)

Trump’s claims that only he can “save” our country, that he knows more than the Generals and that he is his only advisor are more concerning.  Those are the words of a Tyrant.  This “new breed” of leaders I‘m calling for must also be willing to learn, specifically because they will be new to politics.  They must be willing to learn about all the issues so they can have an informed voice at the table.  They must surround themselves with experts on as many fields as they can and listen to what those experts have to say.  But most importantly they need to be able to work with people.  They must be able to throw dogmatism to the wind, be able listen to folks who disagree with their stance, find common ground and forge a path forward.  They must inspire the elected officials already in office to give up the “game” of partition politics and do something truly courageous,… work on behalf of the people of this country.

Tall order, I know, but look what’s at stake.  If we don’t take control of our government our government will continue to control us.

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